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  • Welcome to the Dojo homepage! We are foremost a classical Okinawan Goju-ryu karate dojo, proudly representing the Ryusyokai organization in Western Canada. The Ryusyokai, under Kancho Senaha Shigetoshi, Hanshi, Kudan, is a dento karate school that follows the teachings of the late grandmaster Yagi Meitoku. Goju-ryu, founded by legendary master Miyagi Chojun, is one of the three main schools of Okinawan karate. Goju-ryu is known for its use of hard and soft techniques and its body conditioning and strengthening exercises, which include various partner drills. 

    What distinguishes dento (伝統 - traditional) karate from the garden variety of karate schools that exist is that traditional Okinawan karate does not subscribe to the sport notions of karate. Both have their place and both have their merits, but they are not the same. Nor is one better than the other; what every potential student (or parent of a student) must identify is what they wish to receive from the training experience. If you're not sure, a little research could make all the difference in your experience.

    Dento karate practice is not about trophies or development of ego. It is a way of life that should inspire students to excel 

  • in all areas of their lives: as students, as employees, as community members, as citizens and, above all, as friends and family members. Many may consider karate to be a violent art; however, true Okinawan karate should be considered and function as the antithesis of and the antidote to violence.

    The dojo also follows the syllabus of the Ryukyu Tesshinkan Kobudo Kyokai. The Tesshinkan, under the direction of Kancho Tamayose Hidemi, Hanshi, Judan, follows the lineage and curriculum of Okinawan kobudo legend Taira Shinken. The dojo members who partake in kobudo training are encouraged to join the Tesshinkan kyokai as all ranking is overseen by the association and not the dojo directly. Dojo members may belong to one or both programs; however, in order to train in the kobudo portion, a martial arts base is preferred. Inscription into kobudo training is at the sole discretion of the instructor.

    We are a registered non-profit society within the Province of Alberta and a community-based program. With an internationally-certified instructor and fees that make quality training affordable for all, make our dojo your first choice for an authentic martial arts experience!

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    Senaha Shigetoshi 2017 Western Canada Ryusyokai Goju Ryu Seminar

    September 15th-17th, 2017 will see Senaha Sensei's first visit to Western Canada. Senior student of Yagi Meitoku and a kobudo proponent (in the teachings of his instructor Taira Shinken), Senaha Sensei is considered a leading authority on the concept of Okinawan ti.

    Senaha Sensei's visit will encompass the Ryusyokai curriculum including kata and application, futari geiko and various drills.



    Dojo Excursion to Okinawa

    Our next trip to Okinawa as a group will take place in May 2019 - the Tesshinkan international embutaikai. The objectives of the event event will be to:
    - explore and celebrate Okinawan culture and history
    - further our study and exploration of Okinawan Karate and Kobudo
    - celebrate Tamayose Sensei's 70th birthday.

    Details will be added as the date gets closer - save the date now! Note: the excursion is listed as a two-week event. You are welcome to attend if you can stay a week, two or even three!

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  • Our Classes

  • Our Adult classes are available to anyone 13 yrs and up at all skill levels from beginner to advanced and offers a focus on deeper elements of the system. Our Youth Intermedate classes are for those from 7-12 yrs who have achieved yellow belt or higher and continue to build on their discipline and development of skills.

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  • Youth classes are designed for children 7-12 yrs with no prior karate experience. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join and train with their child as they begin their education in this martial art. Our dojo is not focused on belts or trophies or becoming tough or invincible, we are a community of people who are dedicated to their training.

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  • Kaizen Dojo's Okinawan Kobudo program is open to dojo and non-dojo members. The classes are available to anyone ages 12 and up with prior karate and/ or martial arts experience. Our training system includes bosainunchaku, tonfa, eku  and tekko.

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  • Senaha Sensei recently celebrated his 77th birthday on Okinawa, complete with cake and fixings! Happy birthday, Sensei! We wish you good health and happiness for this year and years to come!   We look forward to seeing you again! 先生は最近、沖縄で77回目の誕生日を祝い、ケーキで完成しました! お誕生日おめでとう、先生! 今年そして何年にもわたって、健康と幸福を祈っています。 もう一度お会いできるのを楽しみにしています!

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  • Karate Day - betcha didn't know there was a such a thing, did you? Well, on Okinawa, it's kind of a big thing. On Okinawa, Karate is a big thing! Since 2005, October 25 has been designated as Karate. Why this date? Well, essentially it was on that date in 1936 that Okinawa's indigenous empty-handed arts became known as karate. So, the day sorta makes sense. Flash forward to 2014 and James Pankiewicz, a Brit karateka living on Okinawa and an all-around great bloke, comes up with the idea to get Okinawan karateka around the world  And 100 Kata for Karate Day was born.  Our dojo

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