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    I am a firm believer in studying, sharing and researching. I tend to make scans of the virtual martial landscape from time to time to see what is new and exciting. I do not always agree with everything I read, but I still try to pull value from it.

    Here's a list of sites near and dear to my heart:

  • The sites here to the left are some of the top sites on Okinawan karate that I have had the pleasure of reviewing.

    If you're interested in having your site added to the list, send me an email and I will consider adding your site.

  • Ryukyu Bugei - Andreas Quast Sensei

    Shinseidokan - Michael Clarke Sensei

    IRKRS - Patrick McCarthy Sensei

    Goju Ryu Kenkyukai - Masaji Taira Sensei

    The Karate Nerd - Jesse Enkamp Sensei

    Karate Seinenkai - Charles Goodin Sensei

    Karate Thoughts - blog of Charles Goodin Sensei