• Dojo Fees

  • As a non-profit organization our fees are very reasonable and were established to ensure that everyone can afford a quality training experience.

  • Monthly Tuition

    Individual Monthly Rate:  $50

    Monthly Family Rates: (persons residing in same household)

    Two people:   $90 

    Three people: $120

    Four people:  $150

    ** The purchase of a current South Clareview Community League membership is required prior to joining. One per household.

    Per society by-laws, all new members must pay for first and final month of training. After the initial payment, fees are on a month-to-month basis and are due at the first class of every month.  Fees cover both karate and kobudo training (as applicable).

    As a partner program of the league and following the concept of giri ((義理) or duty, each dojo family is expected to assist the dojo in volunteering to support the community league with their events and/ or activities. This includes bingoes, casinos and dances.

     You can now also pay tuition by PalPal (existing Dojo members only).

  • Monthly Fees
  • Grading, uniforms and equipment

    Karate keikogi

    Uniforms may be purchased through the instructor. If you are purchasing a uniform from outside the dojo, please ensure that it is a pure white gi with no patches or logos and in good condition. 

    Uniforms can be purchased at the dojo's wholesale price shipping and handling and GST. The supplier of choice is Mikado Martial Arts in Vancouver. All uniforms come with a white belt. Uniforms vary in price depending on on size, quality and manufacturer.

    The Ryusyokai patch is available for purchase for all students who have successfully achieved yellow belt. The cost is $15.

    For kobudoka, a separate uwagi and obi (jacket and belt) are required. the cresting for the uwagi is done locally. Costt varies depending on the number of uniforms being embroidered.

    Standard keikogi are 100% cotton. Cost for youth uniforms start around $55. Cost for adult uniforms start around $75.

    Female members of the dojo are asked to purchase a plain white t-shirt to wear under the gi.


    Belts and grading fees

    Belts and certificates are provided as part of the grading fees. Fees are fixes price and cover cost of supplies and resource equipment. Wherein students are not receiving a belt as part of the grading process, there is a $5 deduction from the fees.

    For black belts, the first grading pays for the cost of the certificate and an embroidered black belt (gradings in the dojo only). If grading on Okinawa, the cost for grading covers the instructor's time and the certificate only. 

    If students are not successful in an initial grading, the grading fees for the second test are waived.

    Mudansha fees     $20/ grading

    Yudansha fees      

              In-dojo       $60-$150

       Hombu dojo       Costs established by hombu dojo.


    Kobudo dogu

    Kobudo dogu are not required unless the student is studying kobudo. There are a limited number of spare dogu of different types available in the dojo. Weapons are purchased within Canada and on Okinawa.

    All prices are current:

    Bo              $40

    Tekko         $50-105

    Sai             $105-300