• Tesshinkan Kobudo

  • Kobudo Class Description

    Kaizen Dojo's Okinawan Kobudo program is open to dojo and non-dojo members. The classes are available to anyone ages 13 and up with prior karate and or martial arts experience. Our training system includes bo (a six foot staff), sai (two-pronged baton, used in pairs), nunchaku (wooden flail, usually connected by rope or chain), tekko (a paired fist load weapon), kama (a sickle, used in pairs), eku (oar) and tinbe/ rochin ( a shield and handheld spear).

    Ryukyu Tesshinkan Kobudo Curriculum

     Beyond the kata below, each weapon has an accompanying series of kihon (basic techniques) that underline the proper technique, application and use of the weapons.



    • Shushi no kun sho
    • Sakugawa no kun sho
    • Shushi no kun dai
    • Sakugawa no kun dai
    • Shirataru no kun
    • Yonegawa no kun


    • Chikin Shitahaku no sai
    • Chatan Yara no sai
    • Hama Higa no sai
    • Tawata no sai
    • Kugushiku no sai


    • Maezato no nunchaku
    • Akamine no nunchaku


    • Maezato no tekko


    Tinbe/ Rochin

    • Kanegawa no tinbe



    • Hama Higa no tonfa



    • Kanegawa nichogama



    • Tsuken Sunakake no eku