• Training opportunities

  • Training opportunities


    Over the past 25 years, much of what Jamie has studied and researched was related to applying martial knowledge to practical situations. This research served him in a variety of areas, including working in policing, private security and close protection. This included working event security at football games and working to protect visiting celebrities and musical groups.

    It was also applied during his work as a bar staff/ doorman during his university years. This included a stint in Regina Agribition's notorious Swamp.

    During this time, Jamie learned that the strongest weapons in potentially violent conflicts are your brain and your mouth. Everything else stems from using those two tools.

    He taught several popular self-defense courses for nearly a decade. Applying research, statistics and practical skills and humour, Jamie taught hundreds or young women how to avoid becoming a target.


    Okinawan Arts

    Jamie's training and experience in various arts under various instructors has formulated his approach to training and teaching. Holding dan ranks in a number of martial arts, he blends these studies to help his students understand proper execution of techniques. He has specific interest in applying concepts to kata to understand their myriad applications.

    He is available for seminars on various arts and elements, including:

    - Goju Ryu

    - Shorin Ryu

    - Kobudo


    Private Classes

    Sometimes, life does not permit people to undertake classes in a formal setting. We can set up private classes for individuals or groups in their environments or elsewhere.


    For information and rates on any of these training opportunities, please email the dojo.