• Youth / Family Beginner and Intermediate

  • Youth / Family Beginner and Intermediate Class Description

    Youth classes are designed for children 7-12 yrs, with no former karate experience required. Parents are welcome and strongly encouraged to join and train with their child as they begin their education in this martial art. Our dojo is not focused on belts or trophies or becoming tough or invincible. We are a community of people who are dedicated to their training; the training is meant to foster and develop physically, mentally and emotionally strong youth who will be able to deal with life's challenges with a positive manner and an open mind.

    The family aspect is encouraged to demonstrate to youth that fitness and health are lifelong pursuits and that lifelong learning.should be embraced by people of all ages.

    Beginners and new students are welcome to the dojo at any time.

    Youth / Family Beginner:

    • Basic techniques of Okinawan Goju ryu Karatedo
    • Kata:

                - Sanchin
                - Jo chu ge

    • Basic philosophy/ knowledge of Okinawan Karatedo
    • Pad drills
    • Partner drills
    • Basic mat techniques


    Youth Intermediate Class content:

    Our Youth Intermediate classes are for youth ages 7-12yrs who have achieved yellow belt in Ryusyokai or who enter the program with previous martial arts experience. The lessons are structured to build on their discipline and development of skills.

    Ryusyokai Kata Curriculum:

    • Sanchin
    • Gekisai dai ichi
    • Gekisai dai ni
    • Saifa
    • Shisochin
    • Sanseru
    • Seisan
    • Tensho      

    At the intermediate level, training also includes:

    • Pad drills
    • Futari geiko (partner drills)
    • Bunkai kumite
    • Mat techniques and drills