• Adult Classes

  • Adult Class Description

    Our Adult classes are available to anyone 13 yrs and up at all skill levels from beginner to advanced and offers a focus on deeper elements of the system. Beginners and new students are welcome to the dojo at any time.

    Adult class content covers both solo and partner training. Instructor- student ratio is excellent, with all students getting one-one, personal instruction and correction.

    While there is no sparring within the dojo, some conditioning/ impact drills will test endurance while strengthening technique and building physical tolerance. Bumps and bruises can and do occur. Safety is always the primary factor during training.

    Students are encouraged to work at their own pace with the understanding that maximum personal effort be applied in order to truly benefit from study.

    The dojo is a social environment. Students are always welcome to ask the instructor or senior students for assistance.  

    As a member of the dojo, you will have opportunities from time to time to interact with students from other dojo, both locally and internationally.

    These opportunities are meant to foster a greater understanding of Okinawan karate while also undertaking the fellowship inherent in Okinawan martial arts - ichariba chodei: once we meet we are family. 

    New students at any level of experience are welcome to join at any time.