• Classes

  • Adult

    Our Adult classes are available to anyone 13 yrs and up at all skill levels from beginner to advanced and offers a focus on deeper elements of Okinawan karate in general and the system om particular. 

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  • Youth / Family Beginner and Intermediate

    Youth/ family classes are designed for children 7-12 yrs with no or some former karate experience. Parents are welcome and encouraged to join and train with their child as they begin their education in this martial art.  

    Once students have successfully achieved white belt, they will continue to build on their discipline and development of skills in this class while still being connected to students their own age - maintaining socialization and serving as role models for the junior students.

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  • Kobudo (Okinawa weapons art)

    Kaizen Dojo's Okinawan Kobudo program is open to dojo and non-dojo members. The classes are available to anyone ages 12 years and up with prior karate and or martial arts experience. Our training syallabus includes bo, sai, nunchaku, tonfa, eku and tekko.

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