• Dojo Fees

  • As a non-profit dojo operating as a community league program, our fees are very reasonable and were established to ensure that everyone can afford a quality training experience.

  • Tuition

    Fees are paid triannually as follows:
    - Sept- Dec
    - Jan- April
    - May- Aug

    Fees will be pro-rated depending on date of entry (e.g. February start would pay for three months or $90 for one person). 
    Fees cover both karate and kobudo training (as applicable).

    Individual Rate:  $120 

    Family Rates: (persons residing in same household)

    Two people:   $220

    Three people: $300

    Four+ people :  $400

    All students must hold a valid community league membership ($25/ family annually). Both the membership and the training fees are paid to the community league

    All students must also purchase an individual membership ($40 annually) to Karate Alberta, paid through the dojo.

    For low income families or those receiving financial assistance, we are happy to work with KidSport and Jumpstart. Those registered through McLeod may also be able to have training subsidized. Please inquire for details.


    All kobudo students are required to hold a membership in the Tesshinkan kyokai (one time fee 5000 JPY paid to hombu ); there is also an $50 annual membership for the Hokubei Tesshinkan Kyokai (North American association). These are paid through the instructor.

    All Kobudo students may borrow weapons for a limited time (we have a small supply of surplus weapons). See below for purchase prices.

  • Grading, uniforms and equipment

    Karate keikogi

    Uniforms may be purchased through the instructor. If you are purchasing a uniform from outside the dojo, please ensure that it is a pure white gi (with no patches or logos) and in good condition. 

    Uniforms can be purchased at the dojo's wholesale price, plus shipping and handling and GST. The dojo's supplier is Mikado Martial Arts in Vancouver. All uniforms except medium and heavyweight come with a white belt. Uniforms vary in price depending on on size, quality and manufacturer.

    For youth, there are two varieties of of uniform: poly-cotton (good as a starter uniform) and standard 8.5 oz 100% cotton keikogi. Cost for youth uniforms start at $32 for the poly/cotton blend and $50 for the cotton.

    Adult uniforms are 100% cotton, in light medium and heavyweight. Cost for adult uniforms start around $55 for light weight, $68 for medium and $91 for heavyweight. Female members of the dojo are asked to wear a plain white t-shirt under the gi.
    The Ryusyokai patch, required for dojo members of all ranks, should also be purchased at time of ordering a uniform. It is available for purchase at a cost of $15. As of November 2018, the patch will be sold with the gi.

    For kobudoka, a separate uwagi and obi (jacket and belt) are required. the cresting for the uwagi is done locally. Cost varies depending on the number of uniforms being embroidered.


    Belts and grading fees

    Belts and certificates are provided as part of the grading fees. Fees are fixes price and cover cost of supplies and resource equipment. Wherein students are not receiving a belt as part of the grading process, there is a $5 deduction from the fees.

    For black belts, the first grading pays for the cost of the certificate and an embroidered black belt (gradings in the dojo only). If grading on Okinawa, the cost for grading covers the instructor's time and the certificate only. 

    If students are not successful in an initial grading, the grading fees for the second test are waived.

    Mudansha fees     $20/ grading

    Yudansha fees      

              In-dojo       $60-$150

       Hombu dojo       Costs established by hombu dojo (on Okinawa).

    Kobudo gradings are conducted by senior members of the Tesshinkan kyokai; Tesshinkan requirements and grading fees apply.


    Kobudo dogu

    Kobudo dogu are not required unless the student is studying kobudo. There are a limited number of spare dogu of different types available in the dojo. Weapons are purchased within Canada and on Okinawa. The following are the tools you will use from beginner to Nidan (second degree black belt).

    All prices are current:

    Bo              $40

    Tekko         $50-105

    Nisetsukon  $60-90

    Sai             $105-300