• Help our dojo celebrate Sensei’s 40th anniversary – and start your own martial journey!

    August 8, 2017 | News | ShibuCho
  • November 2017 will mark our sensei’s 40th year of training. That’s quite a milestone!

    So, how do we mark that milestone – with more training, of course!

    Starting this month and for the first half of September, because we think we need to share this occasion with you – we have a special offer for new students:

    Pay for three, train for four!

    That’s right – get four months of training for the price of only three! Applies to all membership groups – individual or families! All in all, that is a pretty good deal!

    But, you have less than a month – from August 22 to Sept 15! After that, the offer is gone! 40 years only comes around once, you know!







    Some conditions apply:
    must be a new student (e.g. not returning or re-registering – must not have previously been a member of the dojo)
    four-for-three must be paid at time of registration; offer is not available on standard month-to-month payment plan
    offer is non-refundable
    offer is non-transferable
    offer is only available for consecutive months of training (Sept-December only).
    only one offer can be redeemed per family