• Tesshinkan Kobudo

  • Kobudo Class Description

    The dojo's Ryukyu Kobudo program is open to anyone ages 13 and up with prior karate and or martial arts experience - upon acceptance of the chief instructor.

    Students from other martial arts schools are welcome to join the kobudo program; participation is not based on participation in the karate program. 

    Our training system includes bo (a six foot staff), sai (two-pronged baton, used in pairs), nunchaku (wooden flail, usually connected by rope or chain), tekko (a paired fist load weapon), kama (a sickle, used in pairs), eku (oar) and tinbe/ rochin ( a shield and handheld spear).

    There are limited numbers of extra weapons as practitioners are expecting to acquire their own training tools as part of training. Tools are to be maintained at all times (e.g. free of slivers, cracks, etc; for metal tools, rust-free). 

    Ryukyu  Kobudo Tesshinkan Curriculum

    The two primary tools of the system are bo and sai in that order. Other weapons are used, with a weekly schedule of which weapons are being taught during classes being posted on the dojo calendar.

  • Bo no kihon