• Oct 25 is 100 Kata for Karate Day in our dojo

  • Karate Day – betcha didn’t know there was a such a thing, did you?

    Well, on Okinawa, it’s kind of a big thing. On Okinawa, Karate is a big thing!

    Since 2005, October 25 has been designated as Karate. Why this date? Well, essentially it was on that date in 1936 that Okinawa’s indigenous empty-handed arts became known as karate. So, the day sorta makes sense.

    Flash forward to 2014 and James Pankiewicz, a Brit karateka living on Okinawa and an all-around great bloke, comes up with the idea to get Okinawan karateka around the world  And 100 Kata for Karate Day was born.  Our dojo has proudly participated since the beginning, and this year is no different.

    Or is it. There has been some interest in tying in this event with some charity fundraising. And this year, that interest sees this as the first year that groups are invited/ encouraged to do charity fundraising related to the event.

    Our dojo will be raising money this year for the Alberta Cancer Foundation. If you know someone in our dojo, support them by donating or pledging their efforts. For dojo members, the pledge sheet is now available in the members section under the “forms and documents” tab.

    If you are in Edmonton and want to support us – come join us and make a donation on the spot. Or make a donation online and cite the dojo’s 100 Kata Day efforts as your reason for the donation. If you are a dojo elsewhere in Canada or around the world, consider making the local or national cancer organization as the focus of your donations. In Canada, it is the Canadian Cancer Society.

    My choice for this cause is very personal. It is hard to imagine a family that has not been touched or adversely affected by cancer. My maternal grandmother and my father were both diagnosed with and fought cancer. I have had many friends who have been diagnosed with and fought cancer as well. Family of friends have also been affected by cancer. I have lost too many friends to cancer, some who went quite young. Like I said, cancer negatively touches many lives.

    It has now also touched mine directly. I have recently been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

    Thank you in advance for your support of the dojo in this venture. And thank you in advance for helping support cancer research and treatment.