• Senaha Sensei’s Edmonton karate seminar

  • The 2017 Western Canadian Ryusyokai gasshuku is now officially in the books. Sensei has returned to Japan and many karate students are richer for his brief presence here. Attendees included dojo members and others from Gojy Ryu and Chito Ryu – with one special attendee from California! There was plenty of good, hard training and some great social opportunities as well. Overall, Sensei was very pleased with his visit to Edmonton and area – and the reception he received from all attendees and students.

    Sensei taught a small but keenly interested group of individuals from Friday to Sunday. He also presided over Wednesday night’s class. Overall, he was impressed with the dedication to karate shown by all of the attendees.

    The seminar covered the full Ryusyokai kata curriculum (and a couple of others РNaihanchi and Shushi no Kun dai Рthrown in for good measure). Satutday attendees worked both ippon and nihon kumite as well as Renzoku and bunkai kumite. Sensei also imparted some important notes on technical refinement of technique and explored elements of practical application during the seminar. As always, Sensei left plenty of time for questions  from participants.

    Sunday’s wrap up included some special work on Seipai and taking the group through bo kata. He recounted some historical knowledge on studying with Taira Shinken Sensei. He also briefly touched on the development of kobudo on the island and the proliferation of one school of kobudo over others.

    Thanks to all who attended and supported Sensei’s visit! We hope the experience was as positive and enriching for you as it was for us. It may take us a while, but we will be looking at hosting more and similar seminars in the coming years. All styles and levels will be welcome. For more information on the dojo and training opportunities, please contact the dojo.