• Fall registration dates for 2017-18 training year now set


    We now have the August dates for fall registration. Check out the Events page for dates and times.

    The dojo is a community program that operates within the South Clareview Community League. All members must have a valid community league membership, preferably from South Clareview.

    Starting this year, the dojo will be assisting the League with some of their needs. Community participation and support is why this dojo exists. We will be asking students and parent to help out when and where they can.

    This will include two-4 hour duties per session (can include work around the facility as well as league-sponsored events and bingoes).

    This helps keep the dojo fees affordable and provides us with a stable training facility.


    For new members to the dojo, we have a special offer that will be starting soon! Help our dojo celebrate our sensei’s 40th anniversary!


    Also – we are looking at expanding our program to include a seniors karate program! More information to come on this as details are finalized.