• Welcome – Irashai mase!

  • Welcome - Irashai mase!

    We believe that, even in today's digitally and technologically-connected world, there's still many new lessons we can learn from doing things 'old school.' 

    While the world moves between hybrid arts to pushing the limits of human endurance, we explore the values of training in the classical martial arts.

    What distinguishes dento (伝統 - traditional) karate from the garden variety of karate schools that exist is that traditional Okinawan karate does not subscribe to the sport notions of karate. Both have their place and both have their merits, but they are not the same. Nor is one better than the other; what every potential student (or parent of a student) must identify is what they wish to receive from the training experience.
    If you're not sure, a little research could make all the difference in your experience.
    Dento karate practice is not about trophies or development of ego. It is a way of life that should inspire students to excel in all areas of their lives: as students, as employees, as community members, as citizens and, above all, as friends and family members.
    We seek perfection of character through strengthening our minds and our bodies.

    We study a martial path that leads us away from violence, not towards it. We understand that confidence and discipline means we do not need to show our strength. We know that, if we must defend ourselves in a fight, not losing is a better outcome than 'winning.'
    Many may consider karate to be a violent art; however, true Okinawan karate should be considered and function as the antithesis of and the antidote to violence.
    Humility, perseverance and dedication - we are proud and committed students of classical karate and kobudo - Okinawa's indigenous martial arts.

    With an internationally-certified instructor and fees that make quality training affordable for all, we want you to make our dojo your first choice for an authentic martial arts experience!

    The dojo has been proudly offering Edmontonians a quality martial arts experience since 2006; we operate as a community-based program as it realizes our belief that everyone should be able to study regardless of economic constraints.

    Our training incorporates utilizes a variety of traditional and non-traditional training tools (補助運動道具 - preparatory exercise tools) as a means of supplementing traditional karate training and reinforcing functional muscle/ body movement.
    Aside from the training equipment, students may also practice using Okinawan kobudo instruments/ weapons (古武道具-ancient martial tools) as an extension of the training.